Friday, June 13, 2014

Life's Interactions...

Most people pass through our lives without a second thought on our part. We smile at the barista as she makes our coffee... We thank a grocery clerk whom we stop to ask what isle and item is located... We say "Good Morning" to a co-worker as we pass them in the hallway...

You may enjoy a casual conversation with them however once you have advanced into a new part of your day, they quickly become a faint memory. There are those who will hold our attention long enough to gather a good, bad, or humorous story. Some will even find a permanent place in our life.

We make choices every day. Based on those choices, our life alters... daily.

Imagine one day you wake up and decide to make a different choice. 

Could the people in your life adjust roles?   Yes... 
Could others take their place?   Yes... 

How would your life adjust? Would it be better or worse?

Think on that a moment...

  • What do they bring to your life? 
  • Are you happy with the role they have assumed?
  • Are they important to you?

Reverse it...

  • What do you offer them? 
  • Are they happy with the role you have taken in their life?
  • Are you important to them?
Are you sure???

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