Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Pivotal Moment...

There are pivotal moments in all our lives. This is one of mine…

In this day and age, we are over run with social media and information overload. Cell phones, tablets, computers, gaming systems… the amount of data we intake on a daily basis is immeasurable.

If you will allow, I am about to add to it.

I have witnessed or been a part of countless events which have positively or negatively impacted people’s lives. From these encounters, I have learned a great deal worth sharing. 

My wish is to bring years of insights and conversation starters to as many people as I can touch. If I can help ONE person by sharing my life or knowledge, I will consider this journey into the unknown a win. Writing about one’s life experiences and amassed knowledge is very personal and quite overwhelming. Until I sat down to write this, I don’t believe even I understood what it takes. The fear of exposing yourself to the world is intimidating. As a reader, you need to trust that I am worthy of your time and energy. As the writer, I have to expect the unexpected. I do believe that a basic understanding of who I am is necessary.

I believe:
  • There IS a higher power (Who or what that is, I will not presume to put a label on.)
  • We are here to learn and help others (Period…)
  • Everything happens for a reason (Even though you may not understand it.)
  • Life is what YOU make it (If you have not had to work for it, it probably isn’t worth having.)
  • Treat people as you want to be treated (I know it is cliché but that does not make it any less true.)
  • Everyone has the opportunity to impact others’ lives (For better or worse…)
  • One person CAN change the world (But two is always better!)
  • Everyone makes mistakes (Weed out what is a mistake and what is a pattern.)
  • Forgiveness isn’t for “them”, it is for YOU (Anger and pain will ruin your life.)
  • You are only a victim if you CHOOSE to be (There is always help out there if you go looking for it, don’t let bad times or evil people beat you.)
In this first post, I have shared a little bit about who I am and why I have chosen to do this… In the next post, I will begin to delve into new territory. 

In the upcoming months and years, I will share my achievements and mistakes, observations I have made, research I have conducted and things I haven’t even thought of yet! I am excited for this new venture and thank you for taking the time to read what I have to share.

Any comments or stories from your life would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Excellent start---very well written! I look forward to seeing more :)